Food, Why does it really matter?


Okay, this is going to be my first post related to food. And what about the title, Vin? Where is the recipe?

Hold on, before I post recipes, I’ve been thinking for quite a while. What kind of recipes are you going to post, Vin? Indonesian food? Pastry and baking? British food? Korean food?

I love all of them.

Hence, the answer is all of them. But..

A healthier version!

Wait, what? Why? Why does it matter?

What is Food actually? According to Wikipedia, food is essentially any substance consumed to provide nutrional support for the body. It can be from plant or animal, and its purposes are to assist in growth, provide energy, and maintain life.

They are kind of a serious business to our body right? Food is not there only to satisy our hunger or tastebud, it is here to assist us to take care of our body, alongside proper exercise, of course.

Alright, I am not here to be a fitness guru, a nutritionist, or anything like that. I am like all of you, still young and love foods. Very much, in fact.

I love Ice cream so much, longing for the Kebab at a corner shop in Wolverhampton, heart all kinds of pastries (that’s what I do everyday, how can I not?). But on the other end, I also love my green smoothie every morning, gulp down liters of infused water, enjoy my chia pudding, and longing for the salad bowl at Tesco. Oh, not to forget that cold-pressed juices are also my absolute favorite!

The conclusion is what I’d like to call moderation. It is my benchmark in everything that I do, too much is never good, like too little is.

I personally can’t be like FullyRawKristina that manages to only eat raw fruits and vegetables, I love Nasi Padang for that matter. But I also a strong believer that you need to have your 5 a day, Everyday.

Why? Balance. To balance up everything. After you indulge on that crispy cheesy deep fried Hot Star Fried chicken, shouldn’t you be good to your body and give it a little vitamin boost?

But it is not always easy to eat healthily, let alone, university students. I’ve been there. You don’t even have enough time to sleep why bother to think about food when you can just Gojek some martabak and have it delivered to your door, right? ( I didn’t have this option in UK, though, but my beloved kebab stall is just around the corner, wait, there’s JustEat App, okay, we are on the same boat) Now, your supervisor just emailed back to ask you edit a whole chapter on your thesis, three proposals to be submitted tomorrow, hangout appointment with friends. And now you ask me to go to the kitchen and cook, Vin? Really?

It is all about priority. Think about your body as an investment, if it breaks down, you can’t do anything stated above, or worse, nothing.

That’s why food is important. It (in)directly defines you as a person.

You are what you eat.

That’s the concept.
Now, what’s not good then? What food is to be avoided? Again, as I said before, I love everything in moderation, balance, not too much, and not too little. And not something that will make you suffer out of your cravings. It is human nature to often do things that we are told to avoid. When we are told not to eat something,  for example, it will be posted to your mind 24/7 until you have it, trust me. So let’s not make any rule here.

But let’s just talk about some small matters. Why white rice when you can opt for brown rice at Tekko, why full sugar when you can ask for less sugar at KOI, why full package of ramen when half is enough? Don’t say, because I can. But think about what these small changes can make?

Although there isn’t much difference in calories between white and brown rice, the fibre that that white rice has lost a lot through bleaching is still there on the brown rice, how many calories you can save up just between the sugar choices? How much MSG you can reduce by only having half package of ramen?

Why have deep fried french fries when you can have baked potato wedges that tastes as delicious, even much more?

What matters more is that when you cook by yourself, you are the Chef, you are the one that controls every single thing that goes into your food. That very one person who understands your tastebud all too well is also your very own self.

So, let’s be our own chef, shall we?


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