How to eat healthy? – Part 1


On the previous post, I had discussed on why food holds a kind of serious business in our life.

So now the question is,

How can we eat healthily, Vin?

Okay, so let’s first start at what I define as a healthy eating. For me, it is when you  eat foods that are favorable for yourself. Why didn’t I say your body? Because there are also our mind and soul to take care of. When we forced ourselves by restricting too much on what we can or can’t eat. It also causes too much pressure on us, it becomes an obligation, a set of rules, and we don’t want another stress aside from thesis or work, right?

That’s why, although it is important to eat healthily (according to what’s defined by nutritionist; low salt, low sugar, low fat, etc.), what matters more is to listen to your body. A craving for martabak once in a month won’t hurt, while ordering martabak every night will. That’s the idea. If you are on a strict healthy diet and you are told that you can never have martabak again. What would happen? You’ll grab your phone, start Gojek App, order Martabakku Menteng and think, just for today, today is the last day, I’ll definitely start tomorrow. And we all know too well that tomorrow never comes.

So, the first tip would be:

1. Never say never!

And my second, as important tip, would be:

2. Small things matter! 

I am not a believer on all-or-nothing approach. I prefer to introduce small changes that build up into a habit rather than forcing a set of new rules to adhere all at once. It takes time for us to process new things, it is said that it takes 3 weeks for something to become a habit. Imagine having many things at once. You’d become confused and guess what the ending is? Giving up.

So, when it is not possible (yet) to have three healthy meals a day. Why not start with having green smoothie that only takes 4 min. in the morning rather than driving through McD? You can have anything you want for lunch and dinner. I mean by anything, just eat what you usually eat. Don’t suddenly turn into something really unhealthy just because you think you did well for your breakfast, Okay?

I almost forgot, it does not necessarily apply for breakfast. You can also start eating healthier on lunch or dinner. Whenever it is convenient for you. Remember, start small!

As small as snacking on apple, seaweed or almond rather than potato chips. Does a million.

Hang in there, there is another one :

3. Water, Please! 

The chances are you have heard about infused water. What is it, actually? It is actually your usual water that has been infused (usually 1 night) with sliced fruits and/or herb to boost its taste and nutritional value. It is basically what I call as vitamin water.

What for? To encourage us to drink more water.

Why? Because most of us can easily get tired of drinking plain tasteless water and therefore opt out for sugary iced tea, so that’s why flavorful refreshing infused water is here to answer both ends.

How much water should we drink in a day? This actually varies according to age, gender, physical activities, etc, but let’s just take 8 glasses or up to 1.8 liter as our minimum here. Remember that this should be plain water or infused water, not any sweetened beverages. Okay?

So those were my first three tips on how to eat healthy,

Good luck, healthyfriends!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, -Hippocrates.


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